Shogi Apps

Japanese chess is called shogi by the Japanese. Shogi is pronounced like hoagie, except with a 'sh' sound at the front. Shogi is hundreds of years old, and related in some ways to the more familiar western chess.

Quick start if you're looking for shogi boards, pieces, and clocks.

Here's a few shogi books.

Shogi shirts, cups, and signs, because ... well, just because ;-)

Looking to learn to play shogi right now? Try out my shogi web app.

The 2014 shogi app was mostly a proof-of-concept. I'm working on the real thing now. Interested in the progress on my new free online shogi app? Shogi 2016 is here.

This is the sister site to Japanese Chess dot org. This site is devoted entirely to fully web-based shogi apps. The other site is for articles, information, kanji tutorials, news and odds-and-ends relating to shogi.

Shogi (Japanese chess) rules seem a bit scary at first, because traditional shogi sets use kanji instead of pictures or letters to distinguish themselves. Shogi pieces consist of kings, bishops, pawns, knights, and rooks, like chess. Shogi also has lances, silver generals, and gold generals. Let's go over the rules of shogi (Japanese chess) for those unfamiliar with it.

I'm writing up the rules, and I'll place them here when I have a chance.